TMR 006 - CD / Digipak


Almut Schlichting – Baritone Saxophone
Sven Hinse – Double Bass

Subsystem are celebrating the release of their second CD „Schneekönig“ on Tiger Moon Records!
Supported by a grant of the Berlin Senate, Subsystem has produced an exciting album, further exploring the possibilities of baritone saxophone and double bass. The musicians shared one room during the recording session and thus managed to create a concert ambience in the studio. „Schneekönig“ (literally: „Snow King“ – ancient word for wren) is a fascinating journey through various musical landscapes…

01 Schneekönig 6:28
02 Zirkuswalzer 4:35
03 Aniseed Bop 3:12
04 Nutmeg Tango 3:25
05 Rote Linsen 4:12
06 Cinnamon Blues 3:25
07 Tom & Jerry 2:26
08 Vanilla Waltz 4:18
09 The Flea 5:04
10 Ginger Calypso 2:49
11 Chanson Triste 2:45
Total time: 42:46

01, 03, 04, 06, 08, 10 composed by Almut Schlichting
02, 05, 07, 09 composed by Sven Hinse
11 composed by Sergej Koussevtzky

recorded and mixed by Christian Betz at Berlinaudio (
design by
produced by Subsystem
Gefördert durch die Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft und Kultur.

© and ℗ 2019 Tiger Moon Records, TMR 006
LC – 37384

CD / Digipack

Veröffentlichung: 5.4.2019


SUBSYSTEM are low tone specialists from the creative underbrush of the Berlin jazz scene. Combining esprit and virtuosity, the two musicians explore the possibilities of baritone saxophone and double bass. The low sounds of the big instruments are rarely heard individually in most musical contexts. In this duo setting they have plenty of space to unfold. Rooted in contemporary jazz, the music branches out on SUBSYSTEMS first CD „Unterholz“ („Underbrush“), veering toward Viennese coffee house, program music, impressionism and folklore. Grown for years in various bands, the organic teamwork of Hinse and Schlichting animates their music with familiarity and spontaneity.

SUBSYSTEM is not only a congenially designed habitat of low sounds: improvisational surprises are always possible.


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