Steffen Faul – trumpet
Matthias Müller – trombone
Alexander Beierbach – tenor saxophone
Max Andrzejewski – drums

The band ABSOLUTELY SWEET MARIE was founded by Alexander Beierbach in 2012 and explores the music of Bob Dylan.

Four musicians, all of them rooted in Jazz and improvised music, transform Bob Dylan ́s work with the tools of their own musical backgrounds. With three horns and drums, the band creates a caleidoscope of sounds and grooves: fragile, chamber-music-like parts meet dense collective improvisations, the sound of a Brass-Band collides with polyphonic layers.
Sometimes the musicians arrange a whole Dylan song for ABSOLUTELY SWEET MARIE, or put it in a new musical context, but often it is only a fragment of a song that serves as a starting-point and provides the material for a new original composition.

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