Bad Alchemy – September 2020 – Rigobert Dittmann on “Late Night Kitchen”

If you suffer from sleeplessness, sometimes it helps to eat something. But what is served after midnight as spaghetti al nero die seppia is tape salad which could make you grit your teeth. However, only visually. Acoustically, Anke Lucks, Almut Schlichting and Christian Marien with trombone, baritone sax and drums offer something quite appetizing. (…) Trombone and baritone instigate with big cheeks to dancing, buxom babes push their sugar daddies around amidst driving staccato, resistance is futile, Marien baby-dodding, tapping hm-tata beats and letting them melt for smooth swing. No? It’s enough to make a cat laugh, every “No” is countered by a melodious “Yes!” on the horns that weighs heavier. In whose name? In the name of a loudly crowing, calypsomanic vitality in XXL. Everything OK? Everything’s fine, my seam just burst.