rbb Kulturradio – April 2016 – by Ulf Drechsel

All the real and imaginary stories which are told in an often bizarre manner are a wonderful kaleidoscope of moods and fanciful obscurities – carried by the spirited band reaching for the stars.


Culture Jazz – April 2016 – de Thierry Giard

Voilà une formation qui a retenu notre attention et que nous avons toujours plaisir à retrouver dans le cheminement aléatoire sur notre liste de lecture du mois. Shoot The Moon nous vient de Berlin, pépinière des musiques inventives européennes. Son répertoire puise dans les musiques anciennes et traditionnelles, des chansons (parfois en français!) développées avec intelligence et énergie. Belle découverte!


Longplay-Blog – March 2016 – by Robert Ratajczak

Interestingly constructed vocal lines, the warm sounds of the alto saxophone and the characteristic tone of the bass clarinet create an extraordinary marriage of ideas, combining medieval aesthetics with modern improvised music.


Jazzthing – March 2016 – by Wolf Kampmann

The quintet offers a toybox filled to bursting with very quirky songs which come alive with the powerful presentation of vocalist Winnie Brückner. Singer and band assume diverse parts, making each song appear like a short film with surprising plots and turns. They do not stay exclusively in the jazz idiom – moments of moritat, rock, chanson and Brecht/Weill rotate at a tearing pace. However, at no time does the music become arbitrary. It always shows a strong collective handwriting, keeping all the songs under one roof.


Jazzflits – April 2016 – by Herman te Loo

Friendly and playful…
Singer WB has a bright and clear soprano, going perfectly with the style of the music.
The lack of an harmony instrument makes the band sound open, the alto saxophone of the bandleader and the clarinet of Tobias Dettbarn dancing twinkle-toed around each other…
The listener is drawn into the music, not by spectacular musical whirlwinds or fast tempos, but in an inconspicuous way, by melodies which sound as though they have been stored in your memory for years.


Radio T Chemnitz – March 2016 – Klaus Wiedenhöft

Jazz and Voice does not have to be the 150th version of „My funny Valentine“. The newest CD of the band Shoot the Moon shows that other approaches are possible. Almut Schlichting was inspired by medieval music and texts. Now Shoot the Moon presents a extraordinary and exciting product which is not only interesting for jazz lovers, but also for every curios and musically open pair of ears.


Jazzpodium – April 2016 – by Rainer Bratfisch

The musicians quote medieval harmonies, borrow from Dada and, apart from that, move stylistically assured in the Here and Now. The balancing act succeeds: from the first to the last note, the music is exciting, amusing and laid-back.


Melodiva – March 2016

An interesting mixture inviting repeated listening.


Sound and Image Blog – March 2016 – by Klaus Halama

Very high-class (…) and adventurous!


Leipziger Volkszeitung – August 28, 2015 – by Dr. Ulrich Steinmetzger

” … Das klingt gleichermaßen nach Brass Band wie nach kunstvoll verschränkter Kammermusik, jongliert nur mit Partikeln der Originale, kann grooven oder in einem polyphonen Geflecht mäandern, an sakrale Posaunenchöre erinnern oder in freien Jazz abheben. … ”