A Night And 43 Seconds


TMR 014 - CD / Digisleeve

BROM – Beierbach / Roder / Marien
A Night And 43 Seconds (TMR 014)

Alexander Beierbach – tenor saxophone
Jan Roder – bass
Christian Marien – drums

01 – A Night And 43 Seconds / It´s In The Trees / Let My Shadow Reign And Choose (15:59)
02 – Glimmer (05:01)
03 – Lacy Layers (06:40)
04 – Mysterious West / A Retrograde Supreme / Pendelnd (15:02)
05 – Triadic Trial / Nimbostratus (06:09)
06 – Sepia (05:45)

total time: 54:39

all compositions by Alexander Beierbach

recorded June 2023 by Tito Knapp at Studio Zentrifuge
mixed by Alexis Baskind
mastered by Olaf Rupp
design by Kurz Gestaltung
artwork by Alexander Beierbach
produced by Brom – Beierbach / Roder / Marien

The Recording Of This Music Was Supported By The Berlin Senate Department For Culture And Europe.

© and ℗ 2024 Tiger Moon Records, TMR 014
LC – 37384

CD / Digisleeve

release date: June 28, 2024

BROM – Beierbach / Roder / Marien

Alexander Beierbach – tenor saxophone
Jan Roder – bass
Christian Marien – drums

Whether in concert, in rehearsal or in the studio, the Berlin trio BROM is at work together – comparable to a collective artist’s workshop where the three of them are busy modeling or carving a sculpture. Tenor saxophonist Alexander Beierbach, double bassist Jan Roder and drummer Christian Marien have been playing together in this band for almost 15 years. In numerous concerts they have developed their own unique way of combining composed and improvised music.

The open compositions of Alexander Beierbach form the starting points for a wide variety of musical tableaux. Composed parts and free improvisations constantly meet anew in changing combinations; they overlap and are reassembled in a different context – the same material can appear in the light of the many diverse moods and styles. New free spaces open up in the compositions and clear structures emerge in the free improvisations. Each concert follows its own logic, and a different, collectively designed sculpture is created each night.

The development of this playing concept can now be retraced on three CDs. The debut album there, released in 2013 on gligg-records, was followed in 2018 by Cardboard Sea on the musicians’ own label Tiger Moon Records. Also on Tiger Moon Records the members of BROM have now released their latest CD: A Night and 43 Seconds.

© Alexander Beierbach