NRW 3061 - CD / Jewel Case


Alexander Beierbach – tenor saxophone
Steffen Faul – trumpet
Denis Jabusch – bass
Uli Jennessen – drums

# 01 – Knitting Factory (Jabusch)
# 02 – Ballade ohne Titel (Beierbach)
# 03 – Played Twice (Monk)
# 04 – Ein harmloser Nachmittag (Beierbach)
# 05 – Urlaub in Kreuzberg (Beierbach)
# 06 – N8-M1 (Beierbach)
# 07 – Park (Beierbach)
# 08 – Theos Dilemma (Beierbach)
# 09 – Das Ende einer langen Reise (Jabusch)
# 10 – Der Haufen (Jabusch)
# 11 – Calamar (Beierbach)
# 12 – Onda (Beierbach)
# 13 – Intro zu Huffle Puff (Faul/Beierbach)
# 14 – Huffle Puff (Faul)
# 15 – To be Ornette to be (Faul)

total time: 68:48

recorded at greve-studio berlin
december 2006
mixed by dirk bewig
mastered by niklas schminke
photo: anke jochmaring
design: melanie pfennig
cover art: alexander beierbach

CD / Jewel Case

The Tigers of Love

Many a person has pounced like a tiger, only to end up as a bed-side carpet. Not these four, however. The Tigers of Love have discovered the power of love – of a passionate love for lively, acoustic jazz with melodies that invite the listener to sing along and with energetic rhythms that permeate every fber of the listener’s being – musical ideas burning to be tried out, which one follows with full attention so as not to miss any detail.
Of course, this piano-less quartet with two horns conjures up images of other famous groups from jazz history: Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker played their spontaneous counterpoint in this line-up, and Ornette Coleman freed jazz from the cumbersome shackles of the well-tempered piano. The Tigers of Love are pleased to consider themselves a part of this tradition, directly related to the heart of jazz: group improvisation. The Tigers have made this interplay the basic concept of their music.
Alexander Beierbach and Steffen Faul met playing improvised music in various formations. Together with bassplayer Denis Jabusch they soon decided to form a quartet, and thus Uli Jennessen, whose characteristic drumming was already known from his work with the bands Die Enttäuschung and Monk ́s Casino, joined the band. In summer 2011 Andreas Lang from Denmark joined the Tigers on bass.
The Tigers of Love developed a unique band sound through improvisation and presented their repertoire in many clubs and concerts. Un Amour Fou (JazzHausMusik 196) is the name of their second CD, depicting love both for music and for the listener. He who calls this love »crazy« should sit back down on the sofa with his Siamese cat. We, however, will head out in search of The Tigers of Love.

Tobias Richtsteig

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