Wherever You Roam


TMR 008 - CD / Digipak

Wherever You Roam

Steffen Faul – trumpet, pocket trumpet
Matthias Mueller – trombone
Alexander Beierbach – tenor saxophone
Max Andrzejewski – drums

01 – With God On Our Side (02:29)
02 – Cold Irons Bound (04:53)
03 – Boots Of Spanish Leather (04:24)
04 – Ballad Of Hollis Brown (04:33)
05 – Ring Them Bells (05:13)
06 – New Morning (05:31)
07 – I And I (02:30)
08 – Nettie Moore (04:06)
09 – The Times They Are A-Changin’ (04:55)
10 – Gates Of Eden (03:45)
11 – One Too Many Mornings (02:35)
12 – The Mighty Quinn (02:41)
13 – Long And Wasted Years (01:40)

total time 49:24

all compositions by Bob Dylan

recorded June 2019 by Guy Sternberg at Lowswing Recording Studio, Berlin
mixed and mastered by Guy Sternberg
artwork by Marcel Grabsch
design by Kurzgestaltung, Berlin
produced by Alexander Beierbach

© and ℗ 2020 Tiger Moon Records, TMR 008

The recording of this music was supported by the berlin senate cultural affairs department.

LC – 37384

CD / Digipack

Release Date: May 22, 2020


Steffen Faul – trumpet
Matthias Müller – trombone
Alexander Beierbach – tenor saxophone
Max Andrzejewski – drums

The band ABSOLUTELY SWEET MARIE was founded by Alexander Beierbach in 2012 and explores the music of Bob Dylan.

Four musicians, all of them rooted in Jazz and improvised music, transform Bob Dylan ́s work with the tools of their own musical backgrounds. With three horns and drums, the band creates a caleidoscope of sounds and grooves: fragile, chamber-music-like parts meet dense collective improvisations, the sound of a Brass-Band collides with polyphonic layers.
Sometimes the musicians arrange a whole Dylan song for ABSOLUTELY SWEET MARIE, or put it in a new musical context, but often it is only a fragment of a song that serves as a starting-point and provides the material for a new original composition.

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© Sandra Schuck

Jazzthing – September 2020 – Reinhard Köchl about “Wherever You Roam”

“The three wind instruments and the drums burrow through the branched, delicate arrangements like moles, layering polyphonic overlays on top of each other in brass-band style and allowing each other enough room for improvisation. Anyone who would have thought that the idea of tenor saxophonist Beierbach and his fellow players to build a monument to the master would eventually be exhausted is disappointed by “Wherever You Roam” in a pleasant way. Once again, four ardent Dylan fans put all their heart and soul and their creative potential into the project. The Nobel Prize is hardly ever awarded for this, but perhaps the long overdue attention.”
 – read the whole review

Jazzword – August 17, 2020 – Ken Waxman about “Wherever You Roam”

“Wherever You Roam is fascinating because it provides a window onto how some of Berlin’s most accomplished youngish improvisers can move familiar and unfamiliar songs into new areas as they change our perception of them.”  http://www.jazzword.com

Jazz ´n´ More – July 2020 – Angela Ballhorn about “Wherever You Roam”

“Three winds and a drummer – that’s all Beierbach needs to realize his Dylan arrangement, and the reinterpretation of Dylan’s work actually works without lyrics. … The brass sections act with pressure and wit and surprise with strange meter changes. … Beierbach has found his own approach to Dylan’s oeuvre.”

Neue Musikzeitung – July 2020 – Interview

Alexander Beierbach in an interview with Michael Scheiner about the new CD “Wherever You Roam”, the band’s approach to Dylan’s work and the current difficulties caused by the pandemic:

Frankfurter Rundschau – June 15, 2020 – Hans-Jürgen Linke about “Wherever You Roam”

“Every solo that is played here, every freewheeling processing of song material breathes a completely appropriate and never borrowed authenticity. It is precisely the polyphony in the approach, the meeting of determined appropriation and respectful homage, of textlessness and wit, of precision and playfulness, that increases the fun in the music.
The fact that “Wherever You Roam” is the quartet’s third Dylan album does not lead to an increasing smoothness, but to an ever more intense awareness in dealing with the material.”

Bad Alchemy – June 2020 – Rigobert Dittmann about “Wherever You Roam”

“With the jester’s freedom and musical genius to transform guitar music into brass music, in reflections of fragments, with improvised turns and daring new perspectives. “With God on Our Side” and empowered by Dylan’s motto “If dogs run free, then why not we”. …. If I wasn’t already a brass addict, I’d be hooked.”

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung – May 13, 2020 – Andreas Montag about “Wherever You Roam”

“… Which also speaks for this album: You will hear it several times, with growing pleasure. It is a work that pays homage to Dylan’s compositions in an independent and unconventional, musically convincing way. Very well done.”

Jazzthetik – May/June 2020 – Wolf Kampmann about „Wherever You Roam“

“Alternating between genuine marching band atmosphere and free jazz, they elicit a hymnic power from Dylan’s songs, which come from the most diverse creative phases, which is rarely brought out in this way. Without betraying the originals, they turn Dylan’s works into completely new pieces. … What Absolutely Sweet Marie are offering here is not only fun, but in no way requires you to know or even love the originals.”