Alexander Beierbach – tenor saxophone
Torsten Papenheim – guitar
Berit Jung – double bass
Christian Marien – drums

Oscillating between composed forms and collective improvisations TRU CARGO SERVICE creates a raw sound dealing with density and space. Since 2017 the Berlin-based ensemble succesfully demonstrates its understanding of playing exhilarating quartet music.
After the highly acclaimed debut album “Dear Passengers”, the second CD of TRU CARGO SERVICE will be released this September: “Schattenlos”.
“Schattenlos” – meaning shadowless – is a collection of twelve sketched variations composed by Torsten Papenheim. Each piece consists of only a few measures of written music, the ensemble created the final form of “Schattenlos” together – during rehearsals, at concerts and in the studio.
The sound of TRU CARGO SERVICE is playful, transparent and aware of the beauty of musical friction.