Anke Lucks – trombone
Almut Schlichting – baritone saxophone
Christian Marien – drums

Baritone saxophonist Almut Schlichting, trombonist Anke Lucks, and drummer Christian Marien are a miniature brass band, transcending its compact size to produce a raucous, ebullient sound one might expect from a much larger ensemble.
The trio formed in 2017 and since then it’s developed an irresistible, unstoppable contrapuntal attack of interlocking parts that sees the group pulling apart and coming back together with breathless energy.
Each musician juggles shifting rolls, toggling between rhythm and melody as they traverse a beguiling landscape of free jazz, funk, punk rock, and New Orleans brass band traditions.
On each tune the group is constant motion, playing quicksilver harmonies, injecting spontaneous accents, colliding melodic conceits, and generally raising the roof.
While the musicians draw upon a wide vocabulary of techniques and traditions, Insomnia Brass Band never allows its heady ideas to get in the way of a good time.

Peter Margasak


The Insomnia Brass Band was founded in spring 2017 during a working scholarship of the Berlin Senate and developed its sound around the playing material composed by Lucks and Schlichting. Since 2018 the band has been touring with numerous concerts in jazz clubs and at festivals. With another Senate scholarship, the trio has now recorded their first CD: Late Night Kitchen!