Jazzhalo Online Magazine – December 2020 – Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther on “Late Night Kitchen”

Come in to the “Beach Bar” for breakfast – that is the musical invitation at the beginning of the album, which is dominated by a strong dialogue between the two wind players. The baritone saxophonist purrs in the depths of her instrument, forming a recurring bass line for the trombonist to spread moving waves of sound. Before “Beach Bar Before Breakfast” segues seamlessly into “Lullaby” a brilliant percussion solo can be heard (…).
“African Birdsong” does without recorded bird calls and shines with a rhythm that is otherwise only known from street marching bands. Dull drum rolls – think of an African drumming workshop – accompany the purring saxophone voice, which doesn’t just linger in the low tones. And off it goes with tropical sound fever in the spirit of Fela Kuti. (…)